Corporate Communication

Formulating messages that reflect an organization's vision and core values is part of the strategic communications programs we provide to our clients, enabling us to gain favorable support from internal and external stakeholders.

Business Relationship

An understanding of the unique cultural and social norms of the African world is necessary for effective business relationships. Our extensive experience in working with a wide range of public sector entities is a strategic advantage that has led to the success of many communication programs and activities.

Social Networks

The power of social media remains at the heart of a clear message - content that informs and engages people. We reinforce your messages with creative content strategies, graphic design and quality videos.

Digital Marketing

The potential of digital marketing to transform the way you connect and engage your target audience and customers can no longer be ignored. We craft high-impact messaging for online platforms, SEO, SEM, mobile or social media networks.

Media Relationship

Enabling our clients to reach their target media while ensuring that the media communicates our clients' key messages to the general public is the essence of effective media relations. We ensure clarity and positive coverage of interviews, events and conferences based on their media value.

Market Research

Through macro-level analysis, think pieces, and research reports, we provide our clients with new insights and data on key market trends and issues impacting Africa.

Professional Training

With ALM Academy, we offer digital training courses adapted to the needs of professionals and companies in order to enable them to strengthen their skills in their sector of activity.

Social responsibility and sustainable

Communication is key to promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives. We develop strategies that enable stakeholders to better understand our clients' commitment to social and environmental goals.

Personal Branding

Strategies that help our clients showcase their unique capabilities are the hallmark of our branding technique for executives, key leaders and individuals seeking to establish a professional or personal brand and align with their values and roles in society.